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Welcome to our introduction page. It is meant to provide you with a brief introduction to a company and a unique idea that is fast evolving into a global phenomenon.

It’s Different, Powerful and Frankly Very Exciting!

Caring is Sharing

There is someone who cared enough to share this with you. If you are looking to enhance your life or change the lives of others, there is a program designed to see where everyone can win through the efforts of everyone doing just a little bit and everyone wins!

Receiving Unites with Giving

The PHPWW platform will not only pay you for your efforts and others for theirs yet will donate on your behalf to the charity of your choice or will make sizeable donations for you from one of the many they already donate to!

Generous Pay Plan

PHPWW shares revenues with you for your efforts as you reach out and help others to receive and give. There are sizeable commissions earned when moving up the tiers. This is where people help people to add and build a matrix where the earnings can be sizeable.

Share The Program

When you share the program with others the platform is structured to help you grow a team, creating a business in the crowdfunding space where it becomes rewarding to have a real people helping people business!

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